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Before you get too far out, you’ll need to ask yourself the question: are you in the right niche? A whole lot rides on getting this right.

Because there’s really no point in driving all that traffic to your site if you can’t make any money from it, is there?

If you don’t get it spot on you don’t have an online business as everything else relies on this stage.

So ask yourself, how did you choose your niche? Did you follow a specific formula to select a segment of the market to focus on?

If you did a proper job in selecting your niche you could probably skip this bit (but you can’t be sure, can you?). At any rate, this read will be totally worth your time, promise.

Here’s the link Niche Traffic

People looking for their first niche often think they have to find something that no one else knows about.

…Or at least niches that other marketers aren’t already competing in.

This really isn’t the case at all.

King Solomon, supposedly the wisest man on earth in his time proclaimed, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” Online, it can be said that there are no unknown or new niches – they’re just new to you.

Chances are someone figured everything out before you. I am really humbled by this and personally have come to believe that whatever I personally discover a year from now someone offered for sale a year ago already …or a thousand years ago.

And think about it…

Even if you find a niche that’s not being actively marketed, there’s likely a reason for that, usually that there’s no demand for it or no money to be made.

So keep an open mind, do your research, and settle on what makes the most sense. Here’s the link Niche Traffic

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