They have questions – You have traffic

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Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.

Free? Paid? . . . How about >> unlimited <<?

Yes! There is a lot of different ways you can get traffic…

Good news, as they say, you don’t have to master them all. In fact, it could be even counterproductive to get into too many traffic sources at once – you will just overwhelm yourself with ton of work and, most importantly, spread yourself way too thin.

The one sound approach for you would be a laser-sharp focus on the traffic technique that makes sense to you the most and work on it until it starts working for you.

You can, of course, scale it up as your business starts growing, or you can add more traffic sources – it’s really up to you.

Once you know how these techniques work the power will be in your hands and you, literally, will be able to drive as much traffic as you want, to any website you want.

So, here, we will start with Q&A sites.

Do you follow my logic?

• You got your niche right;
• You know how to create quality content;
• You are becoming an expert in your chosen field;
• And now You are ready to share your knowledge not only through the content you create but interacting with your audience directly …generating high quality, super targeted traffic in the process.

Makes sense?

Get on those Q&A sites (Yahoo! Answers/Quora) and start generating instant free targeted traffic.

Google loves those sites. Very often when you yourself search for an answer to your question, you will see a link to a Yahoo or Quora page among top ten or twenty search results.

Check it out for yourself. Just go and type into Google search: Which is the most asked question in the world?

Sure enough there’s a link to a Quora thread… (THIRD from the top, as of September 2017)

Remember, you are becoming an expert in your field or, at least, you know more than others, so go and post your answers on relevant questions on those sites.

When you answer some of those questions you can link back to your site.

That’s how you leverage Google’s free targeted traffic. People search in Google in vast numbers and get to those Q&A sites and then they see your answer with your link to your site.

One very important thing to know is that Your answer can be chosen by others to be the best answer and thus locked in the top position.

In fact every expert in the field will tell you the same thing that you will be much better off or could even build a multi-million dollar business if you could find the traffic source that works the best for you and master it.

Don’t worry, everyone in the beginning makes this mistake of spreading themselves too thin by working many traffic sources at once.

I’ll tell you more, you have an excuse for it – you are going through a discovery phase where you want to just taste everything…

…and yes, for god’s sake, we all want more, so we try everything to get as much as possible right from the start. Some may even call this as “taking massive action”. Right?

So choose a single traffic source that we suggest in our Web Traffic Hacks newsletter (subscribe here) and simply make it work for you.

Then you will reach the stage where you know if you want to scale that traffic method up or diversify your options by adding more traffic sources to your arsenal.

There is one major side benefit to this technique: you will learn much better what kind of problems exist in your niche and what kind of solutions your audience desires.

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