SEO Content and the Journey to Brilliant Results

3d human character person with a word SEO and a earth globeTechnology advances at a pace most of us cannot fathom as we take a sip of latte and watch our website rankings.

We hope the SEO pro we paid can pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat to get that SEO content to land.

When you have a website and you’re finally writing some good stuff, or getting a writer to do it for you, there are a few things to know.

The traffic to your site that comes from general searches, or is stumbled upon by the unwary browser, is deemed as organic traffic. This is the part where those casino bells should start ringing in your ears because organic traffic is the good stuff. You want more organic traffic, but this is where the Catch 22 comes in. To get more organic traffic, you need to rank higher. To rank higher, you need more organic traffic. See the problem?

What Is the Solution to the Traffic Catch? 

When you have a website, chances are good that you’ve heard or seen the acronym “SEO” thrown about once or twice. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and this is regarded as the holy grail of organic traffic.

There are millions and millions of websites out there, and for yours to stand out, you will want to implement SEO. This means that websites who rely on organic traffic for survival and pay no attention to SEO strategies will soon dissipate in the deep, dark ether of the internet’s File 13.

Applying all the changes to get those rankings up should happen sooner rather than later as this is not just another quick fix for the web. The SEO process takes a while because it now has to claw its way up the rankings. A good SEO strategist will pace all the various changes at the right times to provide the best organic traffic at the right times. This is what you want and the wait will be worth it.

The Evolution of SEO and How It Affects Your Website

For those of you who thought that SEO is just another fad that will pass on much like the pink flamingos on retro lawns, think again. Website owners and marketers will need to brace themselves. The analytical process behind search engines relies on SEO to source the best response to a question. For the foreseeable future, there is no likely replacement. The reason is simple, search engines want to weed out all the spammy and click bait sites.

An article on The Moz titled The Technical SEO Renaissance: The Whys and Hows of SEO’s Forgotten Role in the Mechanics of the Web provides the reader with some impressive firing power for their content. This may seem like a technical read to those who are still finding their feet on the internet, but push through it. Not only does it cover the importance of SEO, it also highlights the importance of sticking it out. SEO integration takes a while, but when it sticks, your site will carry the benefit.

How Does This Lag Affect SEO Content Strategies?

The idea behind an SEO strategy is that you don’t get lumbered with a flash in the pan website. This is a site that has fifty views once-off, and then only has one visitor every second day. The importance of seeing the plan as long-term will determine whether your strategy is successful or not.

Image: Search Engine Land

If you happen to do this on behalf of customers, it’s important to sell the strategy as a long-term investment. Bear in mind that when you update your site with SEO content, the old content still needs to be weeded out.

To get decent and consistent traffic, website owners will need to consider their SEO strategy as a farming exercise as opposed to a hunting one. Website owners who try to rush this process may risk being penalized by the search engines. When a site receives a massive flow of traffic, they analyze the site to ensure the strategies used are sound and that the traffic is organic. So, if you were planning on filling up your site with keyword stuffing, this could penalize you.

How the Right Techniques Ensure Sustainable Results

Sustainability is something we hear on a daily basis. It’s the creation of a process or a product that will stand the test of time. No one wants to create a website that needs to be closed down in a couple of months, do they? Websites all vie for the same piece of pie and need to offer something that is unique, yet of interest to the reader. In order to provide this, websites need to follow a few simple steps:

• To find the right keyword for content, a quick search will deliver some high-ranking results. This will allow more of the pie directed to your sites. SEMRush and Buzz Sumo are great sites to start the search for the perfect keyword.

• Have a look at the top three Google posts around the keyword to allow yourself to gain momentum around that keyword. It’s also a great idea to check out traffic on sites such as Reddit and Pinterest. This will help you gain perspective from a conversational and social perspective.

• Make use of plugins and programs that make the format a little easier, such as Yoast SEO.

• Ensure that your content is relevant, relatable, and provides insight or a solution.

When SEO Can Trip You Up and Send You Packing

You’ve got your keywords and you commission a content writer to write you a 100-word article with as many keywords in that singular piece as possible. There are things to consider here.

First, content needs to contain at least 150 words to improve ranking. In order for this content to receive higher rankings, it needs to contain at least 300 words. Remember that everyone is still trying to eat from the same pie. This increases the figure to well beyond the 500-word range. It’s not uncommon to see websites with blog articles and posts of at least 800 to 2000 words. This allows the article to have many keywords in the piece without it being keyword-stuffed or spammy.

The second point to consider is that content requires a proper flow in order for those rankings to be consistent. Regular long-form contributions will ensure that the keywords come up more often with a higher post word count, which is a good sign for search engines. Content thrown together by article-building software quickly gets weeded out. This causes the site to lose ranking, receives a penalty, and will lose credibility with the search engines.

Finally, it’s crucial for website owners to build trust with their readers. One of the worst things a site can do for its credibility is by providing clickbait articles. It attracts that initial flow of traffic, however, return visits and subscriptions are unlikely. Once a reader dismisses a site due to clickbait, they will not go back to that site again in a hurry. Providing trustworthy content that delivers what the headline promises is of paramount importance to build a good rapport with visitors.

Dust Yourself Off and Get Started

You’re implementing all the strategies and there is a steady flow to your website. Numbers are up and you’re getting requests from marketers to advertise. You have the ear – or rather the eye – of your readers and you want to make sound decisions. You also want to make some money. Have you considered monetizing your website?

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