Every Single One

Abstract Website Traffic

There’s one thing every new website needs – traffic!

Without traffic you have nothing.

You need that traffic like you need water. You’re thirsting for it.

You’ve created awesome content…
… and nobody’s seeing it which is killing you.

I know how that feels.

Today’s tip is super short and sweeter than a box of twinkies …it packs a million dollar punch.

You won’t believe how powerful this rule is.

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They have questions – You have traffic

Abstract 3D City Rendering With Lines And Digital Elements. Website Traffic Concept.

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.

Free? Paid? . . . How about >> unlimited <<?

Yes! There is a lot of different ways you can get traffic…

Good news, as they say, you don’t have to master them all. In fact, it could be even counterproductive to get into too many traffic sources at once – you will just overwhelm yourself with ton of work and, most importantly, spread yourself way too thin.

The one sound approach for you would be a laser-sharp focus on the traffic technique that makes sense to you the most and work on it until it starts working for you.

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August Rush

hashtag sign

Hello everyone!

Kent Ross is here.  I’m back. Back to work, by myself, hungry and angry (angry as in ‘angry birds’). It’s going to be fast and furious from now on.

I can promise you one thing – honesty!

Honestly, if you follow this blog and subscribe to my newsletter you will know every traffic technique you need to know to acquire quality traffic.

Secondly, all this work is not going to be for free anymore.

Honestly, from now on I will do whatever it tales to sell you as much of the traffic related stuff – like educational programs and applications – as I possibly can, provided that is the stuff that I consider worthy and/or own myself.

I will be updating this post and may even turn it into some kind of a disclaimer, not the legal kind of crap you see people put out there trying to protect themselves but a disclaimer where you can see things the way they are …so you could make an educated decision and proceed knowing what to expect and what is best for you.

To further advance my career in Internet Marketing I have decided to follow the recommendation of the wise to build on what one already knows and thus I will be focusing my expertise on exploring web traffic trends and educating the public about those trends, carefully researching traffic providers, acquiring traffic from them and also dealing that traffic to my fellow online entrepreneurs.

The Adobe Summit 2017 Highlights

Mountain Summit. Happy Man Gesture Raised Arms.

Huh, no traffic today. For most people, those three words would be absolute heaven. Not you, though. Why? Because you operate in a different world, a world where the heavier the traffic the better, and you want it coming your way.

In this flip-sided, ever-changing world, you need to be on your toes to have all roads leading your way, and that’s why we’ve got to keep our finger on the pulse of things. The Adobe Summit gives us a great annual platform to do just that on a grand scale.

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