Niche Traffic [Update to the How to Get Web Traffic: The Definitive Guide…]

Information Highway with Wireframe

The internet has been described as the information superhighway, and just like any major highway, there are lots of entry points to join into traffic. Should you find one particular route at Facebook congested, you always have the option of heading on down to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or any other one of the numerous avenues available. Online traffic entry options are virtually endless, if you know where to find them.

For most of us, our conditioning tends to lead us in one of two directions; to either stick with what seems familiar, or opt for some outlandish concept that’ll seem like breaking new ground.

This excerpt is the most recent update to our  How to Get Web Traffic: The Definitive Guide to Generating High Quality Traffic to Your Website. 

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How To Build A Responsive Mailing List

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A Super-Responsive Mailing List Is Easier Than You Think

There isn’t a single industry currently on the web that enjoys an average open rate of over 30% as far as emails are concerned. With that piece of information, it’s very easy to become disheartened as far as the mailing list is concerned.

Is it still worth the effort?

The answer is a simple yes, and this is because that small percentage is experiencing direct exposure to the product. But in order for these readers to react to the product, they need to be engaged. After reeling them in and getting them to sign up, there is more work to be done to reap the benefits of the mailing list. Continue reading “How To Build A Responsive Mailing List”

Guest Posting for Getting Targeted Traffic

This method is an excellent hack for getting targeted traffic to your website.

It’s also a proper way to build links to your website and establish your name and authority in a particular niche.

It’s only briefly mentioned here in this video but there is one more very important aspect to guest posting: you should always ask a favor back to post on your website, or simply look for other bloggers to do that.

The reason behind this is that they all will definitely share what they publish on your blog with their audience too. So, this way you will again increase organic website traffic and get a good link along with boosting your image and authority.

The Power of The Influencer

Portrait of a happy boy showing thumbs up on white background“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it’s what consumers tell each other it is.”   -Scott Cook

This quote, attributed to one of the most effective marketing influencers of recent times, holds the key to understanding one of the most pertinent topics of conversation within the marketing sphere, which is, the effectiveness of influencers in the modern marketplace and how to most effectively harness their power in order to drive your brand to the next level.

There’s a veritable avalanche of books and information being churned out on the topic even as we speak, especially as industry players begin to fully grasp and appreciate the power of the influencer and its potentialities. It well behooves everybody with a brand to nurture to sit up and take notice.

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A Short Guide to Outsourcing

Resources-Botton-IconYou can do all the work by yourself. It’s up to you…

And you know what, it’s good to do all the work by yourself in the beginning. It’s a lot of fun and doing it by yourself has one more major benefit – you really start to dig that very thing that you are trying to do.

Whenever you start doing something new, you start by explaining it to yourself …and there’s no better way to understand things than through learning by doing.

There’s actually one more valuable thing that you acquire along the way. Since you are starting to become an expert in what you are doing you can easily explain that to other people whether you are going to teach them or hire them to do things for you.

However, if you have other things to do or are looking for your site to be more of a passive source of income, you don’t want to have to put a lot into it.

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