How to Get Web Traffic: The Definitive Guide to Generating High Quality Traffic to Your Website.

One of the top marketing challenges for most entrepreneurs is not about having the perfect website. Instead, it is about understanding how to attract people to that perfect website so they will see what you have to offer. Whether or not people buy once they do come across it is another topic altogether, but let’s focus first on getting them here. We call that traffic, and this definitive guide to website traffic is where the magic of marketing begins.


First, let’s see what you may be up against.

If you are familiar with Google analytics (and other data portals), it can become an obsession to log in and check your daily traffic tallies. Perhaps you have tried many things and noticed very minimal – if any – results. You are not alone. Take a look at these astounding statistics regarding how many blogs you can now find online:

• The Statistics Portal’s (Statista) 1 progressive numbers estimated close to 306 million blogs as of July, 2016. That number increased by 59 million over the previous year’s cumulative total on one of the world’s most popular social blogging networks.

• In addition to blogs, WordPress2 reported close to 23 billion hosted sites on both domains and subdomains. Wow! Yet, despite these conspicuous stats, less than one-third of most websites ever see more than 5,000 visitors each month. If you dig out a calculator, that averages only 167 visitors per day. That’s not really impressive, but what’s even more unimpressive is that even if only a small fraction of those visitors make a purchase, the profit earned just from website traffic alone is not enough to cut it in today’s fierce marketplace.


The Definitive Guide to Increasing Web Traffic: A 5-Step Plan

Web Traffic Hacks can save entrepreneurs the time and frustration of seeking high quality traffic. Truly, most business owners have better things to do than spend countless hours researching and learning how to attract more traffic, so these “hacks” can be a lifesaver.

We encourage you to subscribe to get more shortcuts and better results. At any rate, the transition of effortlessly increasing high quality traffic will require a few different methods than what you may be accustomed to using.

Enact these 5 Steps to Increase Web Traffic to Your Site:

Step 1: Make a game plan. It might sound like common sense, but many entrepreneurs focus more on the website than the traffic. This is the reverse way of thinking. Before deciding upon your primary design, it might be smart to run a small campaign with a/b testing to reveal who your target audience will be.

By doing so, you can hone in on your niche, your “hook” and then build upon the data you have collected. Follow your plan and adjust as you go, rather than trying this-or-that and merely hoping it will work. For example, thinking that you can rely merely on social media marketing, AdWords and other methods may prove erroneous if you have not tested these methods in advance.

Step 2: Collect, Engage, Connect. After you employ your game plan full throttle, your object is not just to generate high quality traffic to your website. Ideally, you want those people to become active subscribers, rather than one-time viewers. To do this, you’ll need to be proactive about collecting their information. This can be done by giving them something of value. People will not care about visiting your site again if you do not provide them with the value they are searching for.

After you collect their name and email address, you can engage them with an ongoing email campaign, or by inviting them to find you on social media groups, or in other ways. You must first establish a connection. Once you do, they will visit your website more frequently, which will subsequently result in increasing more traffic to your website. The more you collect, engage and connect with visitors, the more likely they will become customers.

Step 3: Design and Refine Your Niche. When first launching a brand new site, many entrepreneurs have lofty goals of having a product or service that “everyone” will want. The truth is; it is far more difficult and arduous to market to everyone than it is to hone in on a particular niche. Having a niche will identify you and can help you become an influencer, which can naturally attract more visitors to your website.

As you progress in the world of web traffic marketing, you may also realize that refining your niche is necessary from time-to-time. Henceforth, taking the time to analyze your traffic and discover where they are coming from can help you do more of those things that are working, whilst spending less time and frustration focusing on the strategies that are not working.

Step 4: Provide High Quality Content and Ongoing Entertainment. While it may sound like a no-brainer that you should continually add content and value to your site, surprisingly, many companies forget to do this as the business increases. Maintaining content can feel like a full-time task, and it is.

Take a closer look at outsourcing as a great way to maximize your efforts. So, instead of wasting time writing articles or filming videos for YouTube or posting quirky comments and tweets on social media, your time can be better spent actually running the business. You can have a writer, social media manager or even a virtual marketing assistant to do these tasks. Put them on a schedule.

Automation will give you great results, as long as you can manage it. The reason why this step is so important is because many business owners start with “gusto” and write blog posts every day for the first few months of launching a site, only to fizzle out or start dropping off on the number of updates made. It could be likened to the New Year’s resolutions that start with much enthusiasm on January first, only to be forgotten by mid-February.

Preparing a content schedule and social media calendar should be part of your plan when you are setting up the definitive guide to generating high quality traffic to your website, as we talked about in Step 1.

Step 5: Be Bold and Adventurous. There is no traffic website on the planet (that we know of) who will say this: “If you want to know how to get more web traffic, pay attention to the influencers – the movers and shakers. They are the ones who get results from the most unlikely methods, such as creating videos that go viral, or landing interviews with someone famous; or by other unconventional means.” –

If you happen to be a “skimmer” type of article reader, these five steps to generating high quality traffic to your website can be summed up in just a few slugs:

• Focus more on the traffic plan, rather than the visual presence of your website, at least initially. Create a game plan centered on generating high quality traffic to your website.

• Collect visitor information whenever possible. Use it to engage and connect with your audience, which can increase repeat traffic to your website.

• Hone in on your niche. If you are wondering, “what niche?” perhaps it would be wise to scroll up and re-read Step 3.

• Increasing web traffic requires ongoing maintenance, rather than a one-time setup. In other words, once your website “baby” is born, it must be raised and nurtured with ongoing support. You can’t expect people to just read the same articles over and over again. Search engines look for fresh content, so if your site becomes stale, it gets pushed down to less-noticed pages of search engines.

• Finally, don’t be afraid to try something new that ties in with your niche. Only the bravest and most adventurous entrepreneurs become online megastars.

Just take a look at some of the world’s most successful companies like Amazon, eBay, and so many more. They all started with just one guy or gal with a dream.

Even today it is possible to launch a website that will become big. There are relatively new websites still intensifying in rapid fashion, despite having so many millions of other choices available.

The definitive guide to generating high quality traffic to your website is not merely a one-time occurrence. It requires persistence. Keep up with more web traffic hacks as we continue finding the latest industry trends.

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Next. Explore  the following Niche Traffic guidelines to ensure your success in this online business

Information Highway with Wireframe

Niche Traffic

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re probably right.  – Henry Ford, Ford Motor Company

You’re hunting for traffic. You’re hungry for it. You need it. Any hunter knows that regardless of skill, tools, or courage, where you choose to hunt can make or break you. You wouldn’t for lion in Antarctica, would you? What we’ll be talking about here is how your choice of niche may ultimately determine your success.

The internet has been described as the information superhighway, and just like any major highway, there are lots of entry points to join into traffic. Should you find one particular route at Facebook congested, you always have the option of heading on down to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or any other one of the numerous avenues available. Online traffic entry options are virtually endless, if you know where to find them.

For most of us, our conditioning tends to lead us in one of two directions; to either stick with what seems familiar, or opt for some outlandish concept that’ll seem like breaking new ground.

Can a niche really ever become over-saturated?

Did you know that, at current air safety levels, a person would have to take a flight every day for 14,000 years before having an accident? Sure, it’s always possible for a first time flier to find themselves aboard some phantom Malaysian flight but realistically, just as it is with flying, the chances of entering a completely tapped out market are so low as to be virtually non-existent.

Consider the following niches; their enduring success and proliferation throughout the internet landscape isn’t by chance, and we’ll see why.

Weight Loss and Dieting

This has always been a massive (no pun intended) niche that has proven itself to be a consistent performer when it comes to traffic pull.

Whether for health or vanity reasons, the beauty of this niche lies in its capacity for niche subdivision. Aside from the overarching male vs. female subdivision, the sheer numbers and varieties of workout regimens, nutritional guides, diets, and lifestyles make it an ever fertile mine where you can strike traffic gold.

Man sees other self in mirror

Stress Management

Health and wellness have always been indispensable allies to the marketer. The thing is, people with some money to spend will always be on the lookout for ways to extend the time they have in which to spend it.

The rat-race that is the reality of life for a huge chunk of today’s society will knock down your door for plausible ways to manage and mitigate the effects of the stressors that come with our lifestyles.

Getting your ex back (or back at your ex)

Great loss can very often become a great motivator (e.g. Batman). Broken hearts have caused people who’ve never left their hometowns to move to other continents entirely, all in an effort to avoid the constant reminders.

For the most part, though, people in this understandably painful and emotional state will be looking for ways to regain the bliss and happiness they had been experiencing; basically, to get back what they’ve lost.

It’s a story as old as time itself, and it won’t be changing much any time soon.

Dating Tips and Advice

Men and women, with the rare exceptions, approach relationships and dating in radically different ways. While men tend to cast as wide as net as possible in hopes of catching as many ‘fish’ as possible, women’s approach is more like spear fishing, with the patient taking of careful aim in order to successfully stick their scaly Mr. Right.

It’s important to understand, though, that both share some common motivations such as becoming more desirable, more attractive, and holding some form of power over the other sex. You have to understand the factors driving your audience before diving into any niche.

They say Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars. Well, marketers are undoubtedly from Earth, so who better to serve them both?


Time, the great equalizer, is on everyone’s mind. I guess nobody really believes in the fountain of youth but we’d all accept a plausible substitute. Products aimed at improving memory, vitality, energy, and reducing the all too evident ravages of time on the human body and mind will always attract a ready and willing audience.

Vampires had to resort to drinking human blood in order to stay young, and, if we’re to be quite honest, quite a few of us out there would take a sip or two if we really thought it works.

You should ask yourself why most of the pyramid schemes that periodically sweep across nations are connected more or less directly with the beauty/anti-aging industries; it’s because the psychological allure is just that irresistibly strong.

Trading and Investments

You’ve got to play to win, they say. There are lots of factors that make the stock market such an alluring proposition; the thrill of taking a chance and the possibility of striking it rich being the biggest ones. It can be a hell of a lot of fun as well. The risk takers you hear about – the ones who make it big – do their research.

Offering a platform for strategic advice and guidance will make you an automatic favorite with huge traffic potentials, especially if you’re able to provide them with a platform for the unearthing and exchange of ideas and strategies.

Online Business Launch and Growth Advice

Since the inception of the internet, broad thinking potential entrepreneurs have been seeking ways to convert their personal computers into cash-machines, and the number of those that have succeeded grows every single day. The internet opens up a whole universe of opportunity for those who had been scratching their heads searching for a feasible means of making hard cash in the comfort, convenience, and efficiency of their homes.

Out of the thousands of success stories out there, and their number grows every day, a good number choose to become online marketing coaches or ‘gurus’, sharing their strategies with willing learners.

You could reach out to this audience of learners in numerous ways; through courses outlining the most effective online marketing strategies; providing software solutions that help online businesses generate more traffic or conversions; or you could go the whole hog and provide all-inclusive coaching programs guiding learners on how to build an online business right from the ground up.

Who wouldn’t want to make their money sitting in their comfy chair, wearing their favorite sweater, listening to good music? The online world makes it all possible. Show people how to do this and you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

The Money Mindset

People have always been fascinated with the idea that a person’s way of thinking ultimately determines how wealthy they become. They look at the rich guy over there and wonder, “What do they have that I don’t? (except money)”

A lot of research has gone into showing that tweaking our own thought processes is all it would take for us to get into the proper mindset to see us attracting the kind of wealth most aspire to. Simply irresistible.

There are extremely successful information businesses that cater solely to the demographic that is looking to develop a more ‘healthy’, wealth conducive mentality when it comes to money.

A spiral bound book with the words How To Instructions What You Need to Know


In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also SELL what you create. – David Ogilvy, co-founder of Ogilvy & Mather

We know not to ignore any niches out there due to our own prejudices and preconceived notions; but then how DO we settle on that particular niche that’ll give us the result we’re looking for – boundless traffic?

Understand: Picking the wrong niche can be deadly.

Should you find yourself having taken the wrong direction you’ll find that making any money is harder than squeezing blood out of a rock. We’re looking at the bottom line here. You could be an expert in the art of catching flies in mid-air with your teeth and have millions of views on YouTube but the question at the end of the day would remain; who would rush to hand you money to train them to do it, and even if you had a product to sell, who’d buy anything from a guy that catches flies with his teeth?

The point is, one of the biggest pitfalls in niche selection is the tendency for people to go for what they’re interested in or what’s trendy at the moment. There’s nothing wrong with following your dreams. Being passionate about something in your life will add a wonderful depth to your character and can be deeply fulfilling, but for our purposes here, that doesn’t amount to a hill of weevil infested beans.

There’s a limited amount of things from which you can make money from and so you have to decide; in a ruthlessly dispassionate manner; are you in business or do you just have a hobby you were hoping to cash in on? There’s a big difference.

Understand: Market research is indispensable

In the information age, the biggest edge you can have is to know just a bit more than your competition. Marketing isn’t just a clumsy numbers game where the person who can get their stuff in front of the most people automatically comes out on top.

High quality, targeted traffic will not guarantee conversions if you don’t have the right product at the end of your hook.

Do your research and figure out what actually SELLS. There’re no points for being first, just for being good. The wheel was invented long ago; we don’t expect it needs reinventing.

That said, we get back to the bare bones of the matter; which niches are profitable? Ask yourself these few questions beforehand and you’ll be able to get the idea:

Are there numerous products to promote?

What value are you offering to your audience that they won’t readily obtain elsewhere in your chosen niche? There has to be some extra incentive (value) that should make it worth their time and money to transact with YOU in particular.

Obviously, pricing should cover your overhead to ensure feasibility, but know that the pricing isn’t the ultimate determinant. The demand for the product is. Without it you’ll be dead in the water.

If you see that there are numerous products being offered that means the topic is hot. Many competitors offering the same type of products means there a lot of buyers.

Are there ready buyers?

Sure, you might read up and find that certain products are enjoying massive profits on their financial reports, but you need to ask yourself where exactly those sales are taking place. What percentage of them are being achieved online? Knowing this will allow you to figure out whether there’s enough elbow room for you to get in on the action.

You don’t want to be the guy providing pro bono advertising for the local car dealership. Find out what ships well online and get in on that gravy train. Don’t get stuck forever being the bridesmaid.

What are the margins?

For most new entrants, gaining any sort of market penetration in the ‘mega-niches’ may entail huge costs, which might never be recovered. The profit margins, if they exist at all, just don’t justify the time and money. A niche might very well fulfil the first two conditions but fail on this one.

A good way to sidestep this obstacle is to whittle down the scope of your target niche and focus on something more manageable, for instance, rather than ‘Dating advice’, you might opt to go for ‘Long distance dating for geriatrics’. There’ll always be someone searching for almost anything you could think of, so think outside the box a little.

Basically, do your research, step lightly, and only make a big leap when you’re sure you can get to the other side with your shirt on.

Does this niche interest me?

Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life, they say. Oversimplified as it is, there’s some truth to this, especially when we begin to talk about niche selection. Niches which hold a personal interest for you – that you’re passionate about – will always be easier to manage. Your zeal will give you the endurance to persevere when things aren’t going quite as you’d like, because sometimes that one extra push makes all the difference.

Being able to have some enthusiasm for what you’re doing will always show in the emails you send, the information you choose to share, and the products you choose to promote. It’s a contagious enthusiasm which is hard to fake, and your audience will pick up on it, drawing that traffic your way in floods.

Besides, you’ll know exactly what to push and what to hold back, which increases the value you provide you audience. It’s just more efficient. And fun to boot.

The Best of Both Worlds on a venn diagram

Pro-tip: Now, I’m sure you’ve been knocking around the internet long enough to have figured out a few of these things for yourself, but remember; Never rely on ‘common sense’, in selecting a niche; it could lead you down a very expensive, and ultimately fruitless path. Starting out, look into niches that have worked for others in the past. They’ve proven themselves to be fertile grounds, so minimize your exposure and start with those.


Resources available

Figuring out which niche might be suitable for your goes hand in hand with figuring out whether it can accommodate you to the extent you need, and so, here are a few handy tools and methods you could use to get yourself to that sweet spot.


This is an awesome way to get your finger on the pulse of the market. YouTube’s search engine is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world, with millions of searches being run on it every day – information which it all stores!

Typing in a keyword, you’ll be presented with a list of suggestions, which is a very direct way of telling you what’s popular! Play around with different keywords and combinations for a very simple yet effective way of coming up with a nice list of topic and sub-niche ideas.


This is another great niche research tool because it provides a great wealth of useful information. Vendors make use of it to sell their products while affiliates use it find the best products to market. It’s a valuable source because it covers three of the criteria we use in choosing a profitable niche by showing us:

  • How many products are being offered in different niches
  • The sales volumes of multiple products in a particular niche
  • Sales ‘Gravity’, which tells us how many affiliates are making money off a particular product. Basically, which product has the highest chances of giving you positive returns.

Should you locate multiple related products all with high gravity scores (30 or more), then that’s definitely a niche worth getting into. It’s almost cheating.


Amazon falls into this group of titans that are the traffic-seeker’s best friend. It’s the largest online marketplace in the world, with a search engine that only plays second fiddle to the monstrous Google and YouTube engines.

What’s relevant for us, however, is its e-book platform: Kindle. This is the largest e-book marketplace in the world, with over 65% of e-book sales going through its platforms. This is relevant how? I hear you asking. Well, it’s simple; there’re Kindle e-books out there focusing on every niche imaginable and so being able to track which particular niches are most in demand definitely comes in handy.

So here’s the kicker; Amazon makes this information freely available! So all you have to do is go through their bestseller list, find your preferred niche category and look through it for highly viable topic and product ideas. As easy as pie.


Everything we’ve gone through should, at the very minimum, have convinced you of the paramount importance of proper niche selection.

One size won’t fit all, definitely, but be open to the idea of walking in someone else’s shoes along the path they cleared; even if you won’t have the thrill of clearing your own path or if the shoes might be a bit funky; you’ll at least be somewhat sure of the right track, and in shoes you won’t have to break in yourself.





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