Free Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog without Writing New Posts

young-woman-and-network-of-3D-people-representing-website-trafficWhere’s the best place to hide a dead body? On page two of Google search results. Pardon the morbidity of the joke, but you really can’t refute the truth behind it. Today’s online environment is an unforgiving one where being first will trump being the best nine times out of ten. For bloggers, the race to the front page is a ceaseless one, calling for constant time and effort.

Online audiences are very sophisticated, in many cases even more so than the average man in the street. They have a whole world of options at their fingertips, and that makes them extremely picky when it comes to how they spend their time and money online.

Businesses with an online presence can get away with a lot because the potential customers actively search them out according to their needs, but for a blog owner, there’s no such leeway. You have to grab and hold your audience’s attention, feed their interests, and cultivate a rapport with them to levels that imitate a seduction more than a business proposal. It’s all about generating the traffic you need to hit your targets. The way to do this has always been to constantly and reliably provide them with fresh, quality, and regularized content. This, as I’m sure you know, gets to be a harder feat than DiCaprio’s Oscar win as time goes by.

The question then begs; is there a way to keep new and existing visitors to your blog without necessarily having to come up with new content? The short answer is yes. Have a look at these tried and true strategies and find out how to get your blog where it needs to be.

Get people talking

Like it or not, in today’s world, social media is king. There are fewer more efficient ways to get your word out than by means of user-driven mentions and references. What makes it so effective is that people share what they find useful, informative, or relevant, and they will share it with like-minded people who’re likely to see the same value in the content. A snowball effect can very quickly generate under these circumstances, and it’s you who stands to benefit from it.

Give your audience a gentle nudge to share your posts if they find them useful and make it as easy for them to do so as possible by strategically placing social media share buttons on your pages. Don’t just focus on the major platforms like Facebook and Twitter, do your research to find out which social media platforms have the most significant relevance to your particular blogging niche, geographical, and generational target audience segment. They appreciate the small details. Knowing your quarry is half the hunt over.


There’s nothing wrong with tooting your own horn. If you’ve got something good, it would be selfish of you to keep quiet about it wouldn’t it? A blogger shouldn’t make the mistake of allowing their existing posts to languish in online limbo. Useful information doesn’t have an expiry date attached to it, so keep driving traffic to existing posts using strategies such as:

Identify and get in touch with influential voices in your field and request mentions and references. Even should they decline your request, you’ll have lost nothing except a bit of pride.

Get onto Question and Answer websites and locate any queries that your blog posts might provide a solution to. The rule of thumb on most such forums is; it’s only spam if it doesn’t help anyone. Post a short answer so they’ll know you understand the subject matter and provide a link to your blog posting.

Initiate relevant traffic exchanges

The essential and overriding reason for creating a blog should be to provide value to your audience. You won’t see a reward for it without doing this first. It’s also a fact that you won’t be able to create a one-stop shop for all the solutions your audience may be in search for. Having backlinks from related blogs can increase your blog traffic substantially for free with relatively minimal exertion on your part.

You scratch their back, they scratch yours. Getting a traffic exchange system going with other bloggers in your chosen niche is an elegant way of killing two birds with one stone; your audiences receive the value they are looking for more effectively, and you both receive a boost in traffic you would otherwise not have seen.

Spruce up old blog posts

Things change. Nowadays they change quicker than ever. Every blogger should keep in mind that regardless of their niche, what is true today might not necessarily be true tomorrow. Your responsibility to your audience should be to always have your posts keep up with current events and realities. Search engine algorithms keep track of metrics such as sharing volumes and audience engagement to determine rankings and a sure way to keep these statistics up is to incorporate up-to-date, relevant content in your blogs.

Video placement within blog posts has been shown to dramatically increase their visibility. A short, relevant video can effectively deliver information in a highly condensed fashion, which is very attractive to audiences looking to get the most value for their time.

Increasing the lengths of your posts can also increase your rankings. Quantity doesn’t always equate to quality, but in some niches, going into details is always a good thing.

Revisit previous posts to add new developments in your niche, delete obsolete information, and give them a general overhaul to keep them evergreen. It’s a sure way to make sure that whichever page new visitors land on, they‘ll find content that keeps them coming back.

Step up your SEO game

Search Engine Optimization has for the longest time been viewed as a minor form of witchcraft by a lot of bloggers. Identifying and judicially employing the use of high-traffic keywords within your old posts could significantly boost their visibility. Effective, naturalistic keyword targeting should be amongst the core weapons in a blogger’s arsenal. It takes a bit of practice to nail down, but the results are well worth the effort.

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  1. Hi, I started my blog a couple of months ago, it’s doing OK traffic-wise,but it can be much better. This is some good information I can use, I still have a lot to learn about SEO. Thanks for writing.
    Here’s my site Feedbacks are very welcomed and appreciated!

    1. Hi Jennee! Thank you for commenting here. Your site looks clean and professional, and it seems that you already have some experience in marketing. I hope you come back again and find useful things here for yourself anyways.

      For more feedback and comments I would recommend creating an account with Wealthy Affiliate.

      They do a terrific job helping people like us. Their program of Site Feedback and Comments is of the highest quality I have seen so far.

      Wish you success,


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