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Abstract Website Traffic

There’s one thing every new website needs – traffic!

Without traffic you have nothing.

You need that traffic like you need water. You’re thirsting for it.

You’ve created awesome content…
… and nobody’s seeing it which is killing you.

I know how that feels.

Today’s tip is super short and sweeter than a box of twinkies …it packs a million dollar punch.

You won’t believe how powerful this rule is.

There’s a new mantra being cited by more and more online professionals: “Online success is about 20% creating content and 80% promoting it”.

And, if you hear something repeated word for word by three totally different but equally reputable sources that means it’s something you have to pay close attention to.

Let me ask you a quick question: How closely you follow the directions you are given?

Just think about it for a moment.

Let’s say a successful online professional who has already made millions off the internet recommends you to have a presence on social networks. How far did you go? Did you just open an account and that’s it? How precisely you followed the instructions to become visible there? How many people are following you, and how many people are you following? How long have you lasted there: a month, three months, a year?

Here’s the most powerful rule ever! Whoever you come in contact with you must ask them to send traffic your way.

That’s it!

Just do it!

Don’t skip a person …ever! Because you don’t really know when it’s going to work. Based on another axiom that 20% of what you do brings you 80% of the results you can do the math and realize how important it is to engage every single body into promoting what you have to offer to the world!

P.S. Some more killer traffic tips are coming your way so keep your eyes peeled.

P.S.S. Spread the Love! Forward this to your brothers in the trenches! Please!

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