Deep Waters: Diving into Social Media to Boost Your Web Traffic

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The best way to predict the future is to invent it. The likes of Mark Zuckerberg must have been paying attention to whoever said this first, because that’s exactly what they did in developing products such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social media’s magical rise to the pinnacle of mass appeal stemmed from its almost prescient knowledge of what people wanted, and the drive to give it to them first. Online businesses and blogs face a perennial challenge: attracting the kind of consistent web traffic that organically translates into subscriptions and sales.

You might find yourself resorting to all sorts of gimmicks to lure your ever elusive target audience, but it really shouldn’t be that hard. Adopt the explorer’s mindset and realize that however grand a river is, the source will always be a far grander sight to behold. Web traffic is the river upon which your boat floats and in which you fish. You want it in the maximum volumes possible. So what do you do? Get to the source! 

Social media has demonstrated beyond any shadow of doubt that it most effectively represents the metaphorical source of web traffic, and for whoever is smart enough to place their traps in it, the hauls will come in that much thicker and faster.

Endless traffic is no fairytale; it’s very possible. Here’s how you get your boat where it needs to be while fishing in the bountiful waters of social media:

1. Understand the prey you seek

The basic underpinning of any attempt at seduction is having a proper understanding of the object of your affections. The online world comprises just as many different personalities as the real world, if not more so.

To garner the kind of traffic towards you that you seek you have to tap in to the psyche of your audience. You have to know what they like, what they dislike, what they’re looking for, what they’re avoiding, and a thousand other little tidbits of information that will cumulatively give you the edge you need to beat out the competition.

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The most reliable and ever fruitful resource for this kind of information is to be found in social media. The levels to which people are willing to expose themselves with total honesty on social media on such a large scale are unprecedented. More bountiful waters have never been seen.

Immerse yourself within this environment by investing the time to listen in on the chatter among social media groups, chatrooms, forums, and response sections relevant to your niche in order to pick up on the latest trends, problems, and issues your audience is preoccupied with. This will give you the information you need to develop solutions that cater to your audience, therefore building up your brand’s value in their estimation.

Simply have what they need and they‘ll need you.

2. Learn its haunts

The online universe is limitless. Knowing where and when to be to find your audience should be the traffic-seeker’s paramount preoccupation.

Your audience knows it’s in high demand and just like any prey, it will seek to avoid the exposure that attracts sharks and other predators. Just look at the lengths people go to avoid pop-up ads – these are the types of online predatory elements audiences strive to avoid.

Do not be afraid to head deeper into more obscure regions of the online realm because this is where some of the most rewarding user colonies are to be found. Social media has proven itself to be a haven for the deepest and most rewarding resources. Gaining the confidence of a single heavyweight social media influencer with, say, two hundred thousand followers automatically places two hundred thousand potential consumers in your crosshairs. Showing them that you have the tenacity, skill, and patience to track them down and build a rapport with them will go miles towards earning you some of the most loyal consumer audiences you could ever dream of.

This is an effective and highly efficient way of cultivating one of the most important elements of a successful blog, website, or business; developing a core group of loyal clientele that plays the dual roles of being your most loyal consumers as well as being your personal sales and promotion team.

Small fish follow big fish because they know big fish will only go where there’s plenty of good food. Make the effort to attract some hard to find big fish and watch as the masses of smaller fries swarm towards you. That’s the domino effect that produces endless traffic.

People-in-the-form-of-an-abstract-like-symbol3. Give it a reason to visit your traps

Never underestimate your target audience. They know all too well that their time is valuable. The very moment they begin to feel that their time would be better spent elsewhere is the moment you become irrelevant.

You obligation to them is to provide value and solutions that will recompense them to their satisfaction. Social media is an avenue for you to learn what your audience wants and sometimes will even give you hints as to what they need even before they know it themselves.

Establish yourself as an authority on whatever niche you’ve decided upon and provide a steady supply of value in the same to implant the sort of confidence and loyalty that will prompt them into spreading your word far and wide.


Users of social media strive to be just that – social – and this means that they’re always looking to share value amongst themselves for their collective benefit. Make yourself a resource worth sharing. Offer them avenues directing back to your site and watch as your reputation reels them in in plenty.

In a nutshell; don’t just ride the waves, make them.

Utilizing the web traffic hacks we have to share with you‘ll put your brand out there in ways you might not have even imagined. As they say, magic is just science we don’t yet understand, so partner with us to understand this thing we’re doing and we can make the kind of magic that makes dreams come true.

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